Introductions have always been heavy for me. Particularly because I think the human soul is always evolving. Hence, who I am now is not who I was two years ago. It may not be who I am when you are reading this. But, for the purpose of avoiding existential debates (and not to sound like the guy you won’t invite to a party), my name is Tyrone Takawira and – I am a writer. Better yet, I am a story-teller. I started writing way before I thought it was cool, just to pass class in primary school. I took it seriously in 2014, curating poems I never thought I would share with the world. I also occasionally do Spoken Word – to get girls, of course. But, and to get to the core of who I truly am, I write because I want to be remembered. I write because there is so much silence in the world — about things that matter. I write for the ones who do not have the courage to speak. I write because one of my stories/poems, may be yours …hence, I write for you. I write for the loved ones. And the ones in pain. I write to make you forget. I write to make you remember. I write because words have power. So much so that, I am attempting to build an empire out of them. I write because we are all Kings and Queens. I write to remind you of your Royalty. I write because ideas and stories have existed since time immemorial, and I like the concept of playing with time. I write to leave a part of myself. And this blog is a mosaic – full of soul. I write because … I know you will find parts of yourself too, somewhere within the lines.

Maybe this was less of introduction, and more of a welcoming.

So, welcome.