​Self — an endless river:


“The self is a style of being, continually expanding in a vital process of definition, affirmation, revision, and growth, a process that is the image, we may say, of the life process of a healthy society itself.” ~ Warren Robert Penn Warren.


If, my younger self were to inquire from me what is constant of life, I would be absolute in saying, firstly — nothing, lastly — change; then laugh at the simplicity of this paradox. The beauty of life, at times, lies in the endless plateaus of growth that must be climbed — for one begins to shed away any weakness, in the pursuit of the perfect, indefinite power that is creator.

In ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’, Carol Dweck notes the presence of two types of mindsets: i. fixed and ii. growth mindset. The fixed mindset conceives everything to be of a  static nature: “if I was raised slow in thought, surely I can never be an intellectual.” He then, after a many half-hearted attempts, stops seeking in order to maintain this rigid sense of self. This is the boss without any plans, the friend who refuses read and the president that never steps down from power. Those of a growth mindset are entirely different creatures — these are the scientists, the philosophers, the renaissance men that dared to invent, and of course, the daily readers.

You must be quick to notice, that the fixed mindset denies the most concise and perhaps, in my regards, the most potent of life laws — the law of growth, which culminates itself as change. Ultimately, if one chooses not to grow; one denies life and, due to consequence, one must die — in body, mind and spirit.

True personal transformation comes then, from the willingness to accept this, and to persistently improve — upon your ideas, behaviours and perception !

Author: Tyrone Takawira


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