Life Lessons From Facing A Global Pandemic:


1. Life is short – and unpredictable. Spend every minute chasing the things that set your soul on fire.

2. Over two hundred thousand people have died in the course of a few months. Over a million families were affected (if not more). There has never been a greater time to realize your mortality. And those of your loved ones. Gratitude is must.

3. You have never lacked time, just discipline.

4. Humanity still needs work. Police brutality is rampant. Country leaders would rather fortify their power over ensuring adequate health systems. The wealthy would rather earn more than contribute to your salvation. Capitalism, and the people it benefits, does not care about you. We need more empathy.

5. Live a life worth remembering, and you’ll become more than a statistic.

6. Stay positive. Even when your school was shut down, and you had to travel miles to get back home. Stay positive. Even if your graduation was delayed, and there is so much uncertainty filled in your heart about the future. Stay positive. Even when the media is filled with so much fear, and negativity. Stay positive. Because when everything is said and done, your mind is your greatest superpower. And nothing should be allowed to control it – but you.

How To Be Alpha In A Beta World:

The second series in adopting an alpha mindset.

The Habit Manifesto.


Series II: The Habit Manifesto

The first part of this edition started with the fear of judgement,

— and in many ways, how it’s killing you.

In case you missed it, read it here.

Once free,

You become erudite,

life is as light as a Pelican’s feather,

free flowing as the essence of Spirit,

You are born again,
fear drapes itself somewhere else,

A magnetic wavelength colors itself in all that you do,

in all that you think,

You are free,

free at last,

— but this, however, is not enough.

You must control this energy,
You must concentrate it into things of value,

You must build the right habits,

– of being and doing.

Habits are what separate lions from gazelles.

The biographies of great men are filled with many disciplines.

I understand, favorably, that it’s not as easy as I point it out to be.

Mainstream media preaches, and never practices. Hence, I have created the habit manifesto —

a compilation of the steps that will get you there,

You want to be alpha?

Here’s step one: Find Your Darlings, And Kill Them.

kill your darlings

Darlings are the small, almost intangible habits that we hold dear to our hearts,

These are the dopamine-inducing sweethearts that add nothing of value to your life,

The Facebooks, The Twitters,

Binge watching ‘Friends’ and shooting hoop with your boys all day,

Kill these first,

Kill these fast,

Because given the chance,

They won’t hesitate to stab your greatness in the back.

Step two: Play With The Ugly, The Bad, The Tasteless.



Life has a sense of humour that most won’t catch,

The disciplines that mold character and fortify strength are always painful, unexciting and revolting,

Just like how over-weight, unattractive girls have better personalities than the slim, pretty blondes,

You need to accept this, and play the game with this awareness in mind.

You must lift weights and read religiously,

You must meditate and journal daily,

You must wake up early,

You must jog, pray, learn.

You must seek the pain of discipline,

in fear of the pain of regret.


Step three: If You Are Going Through Hell, Keep Going!


Perseverance is the trait of kings,

it is sharper than Poseidon’s Trident,

it immortalizes the mortal,

it builds conviction,

Once you have married the ugly, the bad, the tasteless,

— all that’s left to do is stay faithful,

You place the law of momentum in your hands,

And life (the comedian),

Has no choice but to give in.




 You want to be alpha?
— build the right habits.

How To Be Alpha In A Beta World:

The first series in adopting an alpha mindset.


Series I — Fear Of Judgement:

I cannot accurately define the term ‘alpha’ — for any attempt to do so will greatly limit its meaning.

I will, however, say that any man is justified in pursuing an ‘alpha’ state of mind — more so in this era of timidity and purposelessness found in the average personality.

One attribute of a ‘beta’ (for lack of a better term, ‘not alpha’) is people pleasing — and no matter how eloquently you may excuse this as a form of ‘kindness’ or ‘niceness’, this character trait will never inspire into success.

If anything, it is an exponential spiral towards personal failure,

— and you may not even realise this.


Because you have been conditioned to place value on opinions and judgements,

— even if they are dumbfounded,

— even if they bite down on your self-worth,

— even if they kill you,

I laugh at the absurdity (and subtle truth) of this forthcoming statement:

but the average person would rather swallow cyanide than be judged,

because judgement is its own slow, agonizing death.

This is a hard pill to swallow,

and however successful you may be, your success could easily be multiplied by a factor of ten thousand,

— if only you stopped caring what other people think about you,

How many times has a fear of judgement stopped you from pursuing your deepest, most intrinsic goals?

What will they think of me,

if I said I applied to Harvard?

What will they think of me,

if I asked for a raise?

What will they think of me,

if I wore this today?

What will they think of me,

if I asked her out?

Does this voice sound familiar?

Of course it does,

You listen to its fear-inducing hypotheticals daily.

Practice silencing it,

Practice clutching its mouth,

Because this ego-preserving voice has killed more dreams than death is blamed for,

It loves mediocrity,

— because no one questions average,

It loves comfort,

— because no one questions the norm,

It loves beta,

— because no one is threatened by beta.

You want to be alpha? You must free yourself from this fear first, anything else I say will be pointless.


I am no advocate for narcissism,

But consciously place yourself first — always, in all that you value and believe in.

If you have to cancel a date because you need to submit a chemistry paper
— then do so.

Be the first in line when it comes to accomplishing your goals, your dreams
— your purpose. ( See A Written Letter To All Men: )

Be ruthless in virtues,

You want to be alpha?

Well, stop giving a f*#!


A Written Letter To All Men:
Photo Credit: Rational Male

We call ourselves kings in all that we do,

in all that we say,

We call ourselves warriors,

rebels against the tyranny of Life,

against the slithering hand of injustice,


as long as the Earth spins in the whirlwind of reality,

as long as the Moon paints itself across the night’s sky,

We will continue to,


Unless we cast out,


and find,


the core of your masculinity,
the heart that strings ideals and visions,
and bleeds,


your right of passage,
the road less travelled,
your march to freedom,


 the light that illuminates,
a pillar for humanity,


your divine Providence,
listen to the calling,


the hand of god in the life of Jesus,
the immortal speeches of Luther,


reserved only for the brave,
the bold,
the magnanimous,

it wakes humanity from sleep,
slow hymns of a utopia,




to the,

lost boys,


in the abyss,

do not,

do not,

do not,

give up,

till you,

till you,